documentary, 51", 2012, Poland

Multimedia artist, Piotr Kopik, has explored prostitution in the virtual world of Second Life® first hand. He recorded his sexual experiences with many prostitutes and tried to get to know them as well. After analyzing his film stock, he decided to consult with authorities and experts from different disciplines, including art, religion and science. He asked them: How are sexual needs and identity changing because of technological developments? Is virtual prostitution some how real? Is virtual prostitution more acceptable because it is conducted over the internet? Are these internet peripheries going to transcend into the norm of virtual reality in the future? Will our sexuality move out of the real world?

He interviewed the following people:

Jacek Bławut
- filmmaker, director, documentarian
Bartek Chaciński - journalist
Lew Starowicz- sexuologist
Grzegorz Kowalski - visual arts professor
Paweł Siłakowski - streetworker
Ula - prostitute
Łukasz Orbitowski - fantasy writer
Aleksandra Przegalińska - philosopher
Anna Bloda - lifestyle photographer
Marek Poryzała - catholic priest
Lech Nijakowski - sociologist
Alina Synakiewicz - feminist